Mind The Art

Man Meets Woman by Yang Liu - Gender stereotypes

(Fonte: feeldesain.com)

Controllers by Javier Laspiur

Nostalgic photo series shows the evolution of video game controllers

(Fonte: petapixel.com)

Iconic Houses from Matteo Muci

(Fonte: vimeo.com)

Minimalist flat icons of famous Star Wars characters by Filipe Carvalho

(Fonte: feeldesain.com)

Shutterstock Images come to life on the streets of Istanbul (video) by TBWA\Istanbul 

(Fonte: shutterstock.com)

Jeep Ad campaign reveals hidden animals when images flipped upside down

(Fonte: 123inspiration.com)

What a Fireworks Show looks like when you fly a drone through it

(Fonte: youtube.com)